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Your Hero's Journey - FREE GIFT!!!

Thank you for joining me on "Your Hero's Journey" through Wonder Quest! It's been a joy interacting with each of you and I look forward to more adventure as our journey's intertwine. Please see below links to access your FREE GIFT for the joining the class, including downloadable PDFs of the "Be Your Own Hero - Retrospective" and a "Be Your Own Hero - Worksheet." Now that you've learned about the Hero's Journey, it is time for you to truly be the hero in your own life's journey! 

Be Your Own Hero - Retrospective

Download this PDF to get a step-by-step guide on what each phase of the Hero's Journey means and how you can apply each of these phases to you own life, whether reflecting on a past situation or formulating a plan for a future adventure in your life!

Be Your Own Hero - Worksheet

Download this PDF to get a copy of the Hero's Journey circle and phases, where you can jot down ideas and insights for your own Hero's Journey!

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