Along with being a writer and an artist, Daniel provides consultations for individuals seeking assistance in spiritual and supernatural matters. Trained in a variety of modalities including curanderismo, Qigong, alchemy, Hermetic Qabalah, and more, Daniel provides sessions covering the following areas:

  • Spiritual Counseling/Healing: assisting individuals in times of spiritual and emotional crises, facilitating processes to find balance and alignment with one's true path. 

  • Paranormal Investigation: assisting with inquiry and insight into paranormal and other unexplained experiences either in the home or elsewhere. 

  • Divination, including Tarot: using ancient techniques of communing with the Unseen realms to receive images and messages of assistance for the individual. 

  • Mystery School Education: providing one-on-one and group training into the esoteric arts including, shamanism, initiation, alchemy, Qabalah, etc.

  • And more . . .

If you are interested in finding out more about scheduling an esoteric consultation with Daniel, please submit an inquiry in the contact form below.