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The Daedalus Thread Philosophy

Daedalus is the master craftsman in Greek mythology. He is known most for building the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, as well as the story of his son Icarus. Overall, Daedalus is the archetype of architecture: the human being's need to create, to fashion the world around them. According to Drs. Albert and Kendra Schank Smith:

"Humankind has a basic need to create order from chaos. Daedalus' structure, the labyrinth at Knossos, serves as a scale model of man's attempt to create such an order. [...] The craftsman creates form and beauty, but also illusions. In giving form and meaning to matter, art is also in danger of falsifying the truth. This ambiguity [is] a part of the human condition . . ." (Source)

Therefore, Daedalus is the official mascot, or archetype, of my blog here on danielmolerweb.com. Inspired by the master craftsmanship of Daedalus, I hope to explore this "ambiguity" of the human condition. However, Daedalus is not the only muse for my work.

The princess Ariadne assisted the hero Theseus in killing the Minotaur which resides in the Labyrinth, as well as finding a way out. In her cleverness, she provided Theseus a ball of thread in which to trail through the passageways of the Labyrinth in order to find his way back to the entrance. The Daedalus Thread is a tribute to the duality posed by both Daedalus and Ariadne, lost in the maze of one's creation at the same time threading a way back out, whether it be in the arts, the sciences, or religion. The Daedalus Thread itself is an archetype of the creative process.

The Minotaur gets a play here as well. Mythological figures are used as esoteric symbols in the Mystery Schools to personify various aspects of an initiate's personality. The beasts of mythology are no exception to the heroes and gods in this manner. When a beast is half-man/half-beast, this is usually an indication of the struggle of one's higher self verses their primal nature. When the beastly side is expressed as the lower half of the creature (as in the centaur) then it is an indication that the higher self reigns over the primal self. If it is reversed (as in the Minotaur) it is an indication that the one's primal self in is control. The myth of the Minotaur within the Labyrinth is a story of the human struggle to lock away the primal urges of the personality, to let order and beauty be the reigning force in life.

The human psyche is a Labyrinth. Each one of us contains our own Minotaur locked away in that psyche, causing constant trouble. And it is through the balance of the masculine (Theseus) and feminine (Ariadne) working together that the Minotaur can be defeated. However, Ariadne's thread is needed in such a process. The war with one's lower self requires a deep journey into the maze of the mind, and a thread must always be laid to trail one's way out of it.

Thus is the philosophy of The Daedalus Thread . . .

#mysticism #mythology #labyrinth

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