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WIZ3RD #2 on Cartoonist Kayfabe!

Hey All,

If you hadn't noticed, the greatest comix zine on the planet released it's second issue and yours truly has a couple contributions . . . check it out!

You can see a quick review of the massive 420-page WIZ3RD #2: THE COMIX MEGAZINE on Cartoonist Kayfabe, one of the best comics channels on Youtube (see below):

If you want to jump ahead, they take a look at my Simon Myth comic (and an interview by Eli Schwab) here:

Or, my magically insane interview with Rick Veitch here:

They had to move fast, because (again) this megazine was a whopping 420 pages!!!!

You can still pick up a copy of WIZ3RD #2 at Cosmic Lion Productions! Get your copy today!!!

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