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New Vision Comics Collective (NVCC) is home to a universe of fiction whose big bang occurred from 1988 to 1992 in the imaginations of Aaron Conaway and Daniel Moler. Too big to be contained by the childhoods that formed them, these adventures have bled into a fabric of their own making—across comic books, short stories, and novels.

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Vision Tales #0

The largest collaboration from Aaron Conaway and Daniel Moler yet! Vision Tales is an anthology of comics from the New Vision Universe, featuring some of NVCC's hottest characters! It all starts here in issue zero, where we see the origins of the NVCC!

Vision Tales 1_a_frontcover.jpg

Vision Tales #1

Aaron Conaway and Daniel Moler launch this anthology series with multiple tales,  featuring stories starring Rebound, Maximal, Phantom Stalker, Sapphire, and Fuse! This issue also introduces the amazing color work from Jeremy Bohannon!


Oracle #1

By Daniel Moler: A strange burst of energy streaks across the Ende Star System, leaving a stranger in its wake. With no memory, Oracle is discovered by cosmic trashman Drivel and they find themselves in a  galactic conundrum: war is on the horizon and Oracle uncovers strange powers within!


Harrowed Earth #1: Appalachian Blues

By Aaron Conaway: Jedidiah Coalstream, the motorcycle mystic, is mapping out the Unknown Land. Traveling the land isn't as easy as all that. Many monsters, countless dangers, and restless spirits lie between here and there. Is Jedidiah's magic up to the challenge?

Oracle 2.jpg

Oracle #2

By Daniel Moler: Oracle and Drivel are rescued by the Star League and discoveries are made. However, multiple mysterious adversaries converge on the group. Are they friends? Are they foes? This issue also introduces Aaron Conaway's space-traveling adventurer, Sojourn!



Harrowed Earth #2: Cicero Wants You

By Aaron Conaway: Continuing the Conquered: After the Fall pentalogy set in the postapocalyptic world of New Vision, Cicero Wants You will tell the story of The Kingdom. Once a major midwestern city on Earth That Was. Kansas City. But no more. Cicero tries to maintain order, but how much can one bard take?

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