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"Daniel Moler will melt your brain!"

 -Amy Isakov, Village Wellness Center

PSYCHONAUT PRESENTS is a psychedelic anthology series, part memoir, part mind-bending romp through various imaginal worlds. Based one some of Daniel's own experiences with consciousness exploration, this series is a foray into multiple journeys through shamanism, occultism, and other weird expeditions of mind expansion! Included are supplemental fictional tales by Daniel himself, including a collaboration with Timberhaven author Aaron Conaway as well as contributions by other artists like Jeremy Bohannon of the PCBombcast! Get your indy comics fix here by purchasing below or make yourself look fancy with some merch!


"Daniel’s comics take you on a psychedelic trip into the soul. All the highs and none of the lows. These comics force you to 'Be Here Now' and examine not only what is on the page, but what is in your heart. Buy the comic . . . take the trip!”

 - Eli Schwab, Cosmic Lion Productions/publisher of Wizerd: The Comix Megazine


Psychonaut Presents is the latest comics craze! Check all the great Psychonaut rave at:

“Daniel Moler is a Psychonaut in the sense that he explores the outer reaches and plumbs the inner depths of the human psyche. But instead of using the latest high technology of our modern age, he looks back to an older set of psychoactive tools that existed when the line between truth and fiction was drawn with simpler strokes than it is today. Comics are the perfect medium to explore the dichotomy of reality and perception, and Moler is determined to explore that idea space in bold fashion.”

 - Dan Shahin, Comic Book News, Million Dollar Mailbox

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“Psychonaut Presents is a ton of fun. The art and story takes you on a trip that can remind you of ‘70s underground books or ‘90s creator-owned indie books, depending on your level of inebriation. I am left wondering where our hero ‘Daniel’ trips to next!”

- Will Hoffknecht, 100% Comics


“Moler’s use of visceral imagery lets him flex his artistic muscles in a way that feels like a ‘cartoonish outlaw’ style.’

- Ryan Balkam, Comics Lounge


PSYCHONAUT PRESENTS has been collected into a trade paperback in its first stellar volume! Contained herein you will find all the content from the first four issues of PSYCHONAUT PRESENTS, including extra material, creator's notes, as well as a mind-blowing gallery of pin-ups from the top indie creators in the comics industry such as Tony McMillen, Stephanie Young, Eli Schwab, Ben Granoff, Rick Lopez, Tony Fero, Jerome Cabantan, and more! Check it out!!!



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