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Psychonaut Comics are the publishing imprint from the mind of Daniel Moler that seeks to create high-quality, independent comic books for both mature and all-ages audiences. Exploring everything from magic, consciousness, psychedelics, and superheroes, Psychonaut Comics take you, as publisher Eli Schawb says:

"Daniel’s comics take you on a psychedelic trip into the soul! All the highs and none of the lows. These comics force you to 'Be Here Now' and examine not only what is on the page, but what is in your heart. Buy the comic . . . take the trip!”

      - Eli Schwab, Cosmic Lion Productions/publisher of Wizerd: The Comix Megazine


Psychonaut Presents is a psychedelic anthology series, part memoir, part mind-bending romp through various imaginal worlds. Based one some of Daniel's own experiences with consciousness exploration, this series is a foray into multiple journeys through shamanism, occultism, and other weird expeditions of mind expansion!.


The Simon Myth Chronicles details the supernatural adventures of a modern-day Gnostic wizard who works for a government agency. The world has broken and the veil between natural and supernatural wears thin. Simon Myth spends his days fixing "astral anomalies" when his latest job forces him to face the fact that he may indeed be the one responsible for the world breaking apart!


New Vision Comics is home to a universe of fiction whose big bang occurred from 1988 to 1992 in the imaginations of Aaron Conaway and Daniel Moler. Too big to be contained by the childhoods that formed them, these adventures have bled into a fabric of their own making—across comic books, short stories, and novels.

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