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"In Daniel Moler's The Simon Myth Chronicles he is able to combine the occult with the same kind of adventure and intrigue you would find in a true crime Podcast. Equal parts Ghostbusters as it is Serial, Simon Myth is a man you can see beyond the mysterious world around him. Equipped with a preternatural and psychedelic sixth sense, Simon Myth is ready to believe you! Another amazing and mind bending comic from the Moler-verse!"

 - Eli Schwab, Cosmic Lion Productions


Originally published as a series of short stories in Daniel's early 2000s blog, and then featured as a back-up series of stories in Psychonaut Presents, The Simon Myth Chronicles is coming soon in a brand new comic book series!

The Simon Myth Chronicles: Broken Chalice details the supernatural adventures of a modern-day Gnostic wizard who works for a government agency that regulates magic and sorcery (which has become a legal commodity). The world has broken and the veil between the natural and supernatural wears thin. Simon Myth spends his days fixing "astral anomalies" when his latest job forces him to look at his own past and the fact that he may indeed be the one responsible for the world breaking apart!



The Simon Myth Chronicles is also host to numerous gallery pinup appearances by the best independent comic artists in the business, including Matt Lesniewski, Ken Landgraf, Tony Lorenz, and more!

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