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Released in 2011, Red Mass is Daniel's debut novel, a psychedelic fantasy about an underground cabal of shamanic agents who fight the corrupt powers controlling our world. You've heard of the Men in Black? You haven't seen anything yet until you encounter the Women and Men in Red!

"It is most irresponsible for author Daniel Moler to present such ideas before public, therefore I highly applaud and encourage him."

—The Honorable Reverend Daniel Harvey Levi Copp, musician, author, wizard

Paranoid conspiracy theorist Gregor Samson ties the threads of UFOs, Mothman, urban legends, and government black ops when a group of psychedelic-infused revolutionaries with supernatural powers enter the scene and turn his world upside-down! Take a trip down the rabbit hole where an underground cabal of shamanic agents represent other-dimensional beings responsible for the very architecture of reality!

Prepare for the RED Insurgency!

Get your copy of Red Mass today!

Red Mass Character Scape by Daniel Moler

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