COMING JUNE 8th, 2022
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Daniel's latest book from Llewellyn Worldwide is currently in production and will be released May 2022. The Shamanic Soul is a beginner-friendly book that is a one-stop training course in the shamanic arts.

Featuring stories from Daniel's own journey becoming initiated in curanderismo, this book shows you how shamanism can completely change your life. You'll explore many aspects of its practice, including the seen and unseen realms, spiritual tools such as mesas and campos, and the three pachas (worlds) of the shamanic cosmos. This book also introduces you to vision quests, limpias, and rituals. Through hands-on activities and meaningful insights into shamanic theory and creeds, The Shamanic Soul is a guide to awakening your true Self.






“Daniel Moler’s The Shamanic Soul—in the tradition of one of his principal mentors, don Oscar Miro-Quesada—is a practical, clearly articulated “translation” of the therapeutic practices of Peruvian shamanism. Enhancing the author’s credibility is the manner in which he openly shares his personal growth showing how these techniques contributed to his own spiritual quest and that the key to successful initiation lies within the reach of each and every sincere seeker. Moler also shows how these practices have much in common with many of the mystical traditions of the world, which have tended to be esoteric and elitist. This exclusivity is not the case with Peruvian mysticism. In this sense Moler’s text is very democratic. It is offered in the same spirit as that of my Peruvian mentor, don Eduardo Calderón Palomino who had the following to say about his shamanic practices:

'Everything related to curanderismo (curing) is discoverable simply through the study of     natural forces applied to these so-called mysteries that are not mysteries. Rather, they are very, very susceptible to those persons who really feel the desire to learn. It is necessary to teach all so that they know what is about. One must never keep    secrets—secrets that are not secrets. Rather, one must bring all out into the light.' (Wizard of the Four Winds, 1978)”

Douglas Sharon, Ph.D., Director (Ret.) San Diego Museum of Man, P.A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley

“In The Shamanic Soul, Daniel Moler guides those who are ready and willing through the reality portal into the shamanic realms. If you are new to shamanism or shamanistic pursuits, this book is a valuable resource with an impressive range, explaining terms, worldviews, energy dynamics, and shamanic practices, with an emphasis on the techniques of the Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa tradition.”


Joan Parisi Wilcox, author of Masters of the Living Energy and teacher of the Andean spiritual arts.



"In The Shamanic Soul, Daniel Moler has not only provided a template and guidance for an explorer to step into the Peruvian shamanic world, he has also provided support for the larger process we face of healing ourselves into vibrant beings of integrity, compassion and power."


Evelyn C. Rysdyk, internationally renowned shamanic teacher/healer and the author of several books including, Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power, The Norse Shaman and Shamanic Creativity



“It is those who heal themselves, and teach others how to heal themselves, who are the true masters. Daniel Moler is a true master. In his book, The Shamanic Soul, Moler weaves his profound understanding of an astounding array of spiritual traditions into an illuminating tapestry and, in doing so, brings light to The Self, as well as to the practicality and relevance of shamanic practices. A book of insight by someone who has undergone rigorous shamanic trials on many levels, Moler is a most credible voice of how being whom and what we are meant to be is the best way to heal our self, align with our true purpose and prepare us for the future.”


Steve Guettermann, author of How to Get Even with the Universe by Getting Right with the World and Julius V ~ Warrior Pope



“Daniel Moler opens up his life and practice in The Shamanic Soul and shows the transformative power of shamanism. He blends traditional workbook structure with personal storytelling to teach the concepts you need to build your practice. Uncover your unique path using modern and ancient shamanic practices. “


Jaymi Elford, author of Tarot Inspired Life



“Daniel Moler has created the most user-friendly, practical, accessible, and inviting resource for engaging in shamanic practice that I have ever seen. I know Daniel personally and his adamance in trusting yourself and finding your own shamanic expression is matched only by his devotion to his own growth and spiritual development. A true modern shaman, Daniel reinforces the idea that we are all shamans regardless of upbringing, and that there is no “one right way.” Shamanism is a consciousness, a way of interacting with the living, animated world and no one is excluded from this elite club. With Daniel’s steady hand at the wheel, shamanic training is no longer something to be feared. And if you veer off-road, don’t worry…it’s all part of the plan anyway.”


Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather, award-winning author of The Evolutionary Empath and Empath Activation Cards