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Announcing my latest release: ORACLE: THE GOD MACHINE - PART 1

Many many years ago I wanted to be a comic book artist, but distracted myself too much to be able to buckle down and finish a single issue. Having kids was a new kind of motivation for me. They liked seeing my doodles in action, so in response I took some of my old school creations and built something fun and family-friendly (for once).

Enter Oracle, my sci-fi cosmic adventure series! The first major storyline, The God Machine, had made its debut a few years ago on my blog, but can now be purchased in print on! This volume contains all of The God Machine - Part 1, a preview of Part 2, supplemental artwork and author's notes, as well as a Foreword by fellow writer and comic book visionary Aaron Conaway.

Pick up your copy of Oracle now on Amazon or CreateSpace!

(Ahem, I get more proceeds on CreateSpace . . . hehe)

And, if you would be so kind, feel free to write a review on Amazon! Every little bit helps get the word out! A big THANK YOU to all of my followers for all of your support!

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