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A Slight Change in Weather

Heyo People, some upcoming shifts in the creative forecast . . .


Due the increasing use of AI and its threat to working artists everywhere, I have decided to extend my social media involvement to Cara. Cara is an new platform who (unlike Facebook and Instagram) will not draw on creator posts to train AI. I will still use Facebook and Instagram for all sorts of communications and networking, I will just no longer be posting original art like you see above. Give me a follow and help us grow the platform:


You may notice I have stopped sending a notice every time a Psychonaut Session video drops on Youtube. I was beginning to notice for myself how annoying it is when other creators send me emails weekly (or more) and so with my increase in video quantity per week, I wanted to lessen that volume for all of you. I will likely post maybe once or twice a month with a recap of videos that have dropped, but haven't quite decided on that yet. In the meantime, make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon so that you WILL receive notifications when they drop:


I am growing increasingly frustrated at my print-on-demand service and am looking for other options for you, my audience, to deliver my book sin a timely manner. The Simon Myth Chronicles: Broken Chalice #4 was done at the beginning of the year and I received the proof about 3 months ago . . . there is no excuse for the book to take this long to be available on my IndyPlanet store to buy. So, apologies to all my fans who have been waiting patiently. I am currently searching for the best avenue to deliver Simon to the populace and as soon as I land on the best avenue, I will let you know!


I continue to post early screenings of my vids on my Patreon as well as extra process information and exclusive comics! I you want to invest in my art and support what I do, this is a great place to do it:

Unless I have some major updates, I will not be posting much in July. It's vacation month and I am taking some time off to read some good books and also focus in on some creative priorities. Until then, everyone out there KEEP IT PSYCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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