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DANIEL NEWS: Published by Llewellyn!

With great excitement and deep gratitude, I get to finally announce that my next book has been accepted for publication by Llewellyn Worldwide LTD! The title (tentatively) is SHAMANIC QABALAH, a nonfiction guidebook blending the shamanic practices of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition with the Qabalastic framework of the Western Mystery Tradition. This effort has been years in the making and even though the contract is signed, there is still a long way to go as far as editing, rewrites, and all the other pre-publication goodness that come with distributing a new release via a notable worldwide publisher. I am thrilled to be joining the Llewellyn family and can't wait to get started collaborating with my new editor and publicist.

Me holding the signed contract of my dreams! Signed by both parties!

One thing I have learned so far in this process is that you not only have to work hard, but you also have to build relationships in order make it in the biz. Rest assured that everyone who has supported me thus far (and in the future) will be acknowledged accordingly. Your help has been appreciated and I thank you all so much for all of the assistance and accolades I have received thus far. The support network around me continues to amaze!

So, I will be spending this summer and fall prepping for the final product of SHAMANIC QABALAH. Thus far we are hoping for a prospective release date of early 2018, but that is always subject to change depending on how the industry goes. Stay tuned for more updates!

Getting a kiss of congratulations from my lovely wife. Time to go celebrate!

I would like to give a big thank you so far to my perfect wife Autumn, John Nichols, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Mary Gustafson, Gerry Stribling, and so many others! Love you all!

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