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Shamanic Qabalah News - 9/5/2018

Hello Everyone! There is a lot happening with the new book and it hasn't even been released yet! So, let's get to all the crazy goings-on!


My publisher has informed me that pre-order sales are escalating and to keep the momentum going I am providing an offering of supplemental material to anyone who pre-orders Shamanic Qabalah before its Dec. 8th release date! Send me a copy of your order confirmation at and you will receive a private link full of videos and PDFs that will supplement your Shamanic Qabalah experience with additional resources, rituals, and some guided journeys to assist you on your psychonautic path of the Great Work! You can't go wrong with all the extras goodies in the Shamanic Qabalah POO! :)


Reviews are already trickling in and they're looking good! Take a gander, like, comment, and share this glowing review from The Luminessence:

"Daniel Moler said in his conclusion that this book was only an introductory book on this topic. I sincerely hope that Daniel will follow-up this book with more on this unique subject. As someone who is looking to imbue life with practical spirituality, Shamanic Qabalah has awakened my soul to a new way of viewing the world and cross cultural traditions."

Thank you for the kind words, Luminessence!!!


As my book signing tour is in the process of being scheduled, I wanted to pass along the first scheduled stop, which will be my kick-off at Aquarius Books & Gifts in Kansas City! Aquarius has been a long-standing supporter of all my work and I am thrilled to be launching Shamanic Qabalah in its amazing event space! You can RSVP and get it all the details by clicking below:


Don't forget to subscribe to all the different ways you can catch up on Shamanic Qabalah news, along with all my other writings! Liking, commenting, and sharing is a great way to support us content-creators . . . it helps get the word out and puts food on the table! Discover more of my offerings on your favorite social media venue below!

Thank you for all of your support!!!

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