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Shamanic Qabalah Book Launch Party!

Yesterday was the Shamanic Qabalah Book Launch Party!!!

Hosted by the venerable Barbara Criswell at Aquarius Books, the greatest metaphysical bookstore in the world! It was a superb turnout, a perfect beginning for this new journey. Much thanks to Barbara and her amazing staff, to all who showed up to support me, to Lauren Conaway for your mastery of publicity, and most importantly to my wife and partner Autumn who was my rock throughout the whole experience! It was an amazing event, especially since we completely SOLD OUT of copies!!! My only regret was that there was so much going on I didn't get a chance to get pics with me and some of my favorite people, but alas . . . there will another time! Check out he pics below!

Our arrival at Aquarius! They had a gorgeous display in the front of the store!

People begin their arrival, having a good time! My son Noah is posing for the camera on the left.... On the right, we are breaking out the wine with some loved ones. That perfect looking woman next to whipping her hair back is my amazing wife....

Then, I did a little presentation on the book, my wife and I putting everyone through some experiential breathwork before doing a reading.

Then time for the signing! All copies sold! There was fun had by all and some of us even decided to go eat some grub afterwards because we were famished!

Again, I appreciate everyone's support! Since everyone now has a copy of the book, go out a put a review on Amazon or Goodreads, it helps an author out tremendously! Thank you so much!

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