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THE Book on Magick (A Book Review of Chapman's ADVANCED MAGICK FOR BEGINNERS)

This is the first book I have read in 2019.

And I am out of a job.

Why? Because Alan Chapman wrote a book about magick. Before picking up this book I had no idea what to expect, but was intrigued by the image of a grenade on the cover as the only true graphic depicted throughout the entire text. There was no reason to question why I wouldn't want to try out this particular tome.

From the outset, Chapman aims to ask the question immediately: "What is magick?" In his words:

"There isn't a man, woman or child on this planet that does know what magick is. Don't ask silly questions."

"Does magick work?"


Bravo, sir. Grenade has been lobbed.

Though Chapman isn't just being cheeky here. He is actually answering these questions truthfully because his basic tenet is that magick must be experienced in order for it be real. In essence, it is futile even asking these questions, they must be acted upon to know the truth.

I had no real idea who Alan Chapman before reading this and, frankly, he doesn't seem to have a giant presence in the metaphysical or occult scenes. That's because Alan Chapman, despite being a funny guy (this book is at times hilarious) isn't a show-boater. Being a practicing magician myself, it is easy to spot the charlatans from the real deal. Advanced Magick for Beginners, and the wealth contained therein, contains the best overarching treatise on magick I have ever read. It is relevant to this day and age, to every man, woman, and child regardless of your interest in occultism, mysticism, or any other kind of weirdness. Not only that, but he breaks down how to do it in the easiest way possible, without the robes and the altars and the abracadabras (although you can include all of those if you want).

Cutting the shit, this is THE simplest book I have ever read on magick. Frustratingly so (it is the lot of every writer of the Mysteries to make such obtuse concepts accessible to the reader)! I would recommend it to any beginner. At the same time, it is one of the best overall books on not only the how-to of magick, but its purpose, philosophy, and impact on reality. In essence, I would also recommend it to any advanced practitioner.

Hence the title ADVANCED Magick for BEGINNERS! And I only truly understand the full breath of that title's reach after having completed the little book.

So, this is why I am out of a job. Because Alan Chapman has created the occult book that ANYONE could read, understand, and use. It is THE book to read on magick!

Bravo, Mr. Chapman, Bravo!

My rating for this book is:


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