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Come see me at Smallville Con!

Hey All!

Due to a massively busy summer schedule, I will likely only be attending one convention this year and I wanted to try something different . . .

So I will be attending Smallville Con in Hutchinson, Kansas!

I am not a large convention guy, but love smaller convention settings. Smallville sounds like the perfect venue and I can't wait to try it out! Smallville Con is a two day convention usually held June 24-25, 2023! The event is a celebration of all things pop culture and comic books. and includes over 130 vendor booths, cosplayers, special events, celebrity guests, artists, children’s events, give-aways, and much more!

Here is a link to all the info you need:

I will be selling my comics and taking commissions! If you would like to order a convention ahead of time, I will be taking preorders!

See you there!!! KEEP IT PSYCHO!!!

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