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Drinks Around the Table, Season 2!

Hey All,

Hope everyone's having a great start to their school year! Mine's been fabulous, because I was asked by the Grand Poobah himself Aaron Conaway to come help kick off the second season of his fabulous Youtube show, Drinks Around the Table!

We discuss some of my artistic origins growing up as a wee lad, all the way through to college, and then touching upon some of my earliest ever published works! It was, as always, a splendid time. Aaron is an EXCELLENT host and knows how to keep the flow in his interviews. Check it out!

Don't forget to like the vid and subscribe to Aaron's channel! He has a lot of great stuff! And buy his books, as well, including his latest works Jan the Vagabond and Cicero Wants You!! He's a masterful storyteller, if ever there was one!



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