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Yo, folks!

So, I've obviously been absent for a while. To be honest, I had some family stuff come up and needed to take hiatus for a mental health break. Then, my wife and I decided one of the best things we could do for the fam was to move (it makes sense if you know the details). So, the past five months of our lives were dedicated to getting our house prepped for the market, selling, and buying a new house. We are all moved in and I am ready to get back in the creative saddle . . .

. . . in an ALL NEW STUDIO SPACE!!!! Here's a brief preview:

Stay tuned for a more detailed, video walkthrough of my new studio space, available exclusively to my Psychonaut Patrons soon!

I am so glad to be creating at the table again! I can't wait to dive back into my long-neglected projects and get some new books out in 2023! In fact, here's what I'm working on:

  • The Simon Myth Chronicles: Broken Chalice #3: The third issue sees Simon coming off of his drug-induced walkabout in the desert and finally tagging onto the source of the supernatural quakes raging through the San Luis Valley! This issue will also feature pinups by indie guru Sam Tsohonis and the legendary Ken Landgraf!!!

  • Vision Tales #1: Launching straight from the convention exclusive issue of Vision Tales #0, my superhero collaboration with story-weaver Aaron Conaway! This is a project we have been working on since we were little kids . . . you won't want to miss it!

  • Psychonaut Presents #5: The next installment of the flagship title of Psychonaut Comics is in the works; the forthcoming stories of this psychedelic series will be available exclusively to Psychonaut Patrons as Patreon postings while I am working on it, getting the full comic before it ever hits print in 2024!

  • Books . . . ? Yeah, I got a few ideas kicking around, but can't make any promises just yet. One thing that may be coming is a short story collection. Again, no promises!

Also, I have a few irons in the fire for kickstarting another series of my Psychonaut Sessions show, including comics to walk through and creators to interview! Again, Psychonaut Patrons always get early screenings of the episodes as well as call-outs in the credits!

SOME NEWS: One thing I neglected to mention during my hiatus is a comic contribution I made to the latest issue of the legendary Rick Veitch's book Rare Bit Fiends!!! This contribution is a dream come true for me (pun intended) as Rick is one of my greatest inspirations. You can get this amazing new issue of his incredible series on Amazon. Take a look at this outstanding cover:

Alright . . . I'm going to get back to the grind! In the meantime, be sure to help support my kids' college fund by purchasing my comics and books! And remember, folks . . . KEEP IT PSYCHO!!!!!


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