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Hello Everyone!

This journey of creativity in my life has been amazing, most recently escalating to new levels the past few years. I have found deeper meaning in my art and illustration than ever before. I have always wanted to be an artist, but never fully stepped into the role until 3 summers ago . . . I was in the Rocky Mountains, sitting in the wilderness next to pristine Emerald Lake. I had come to my senses, a realization that I had neglected my passions for far too long. I was 41 year old and still had not accomplished even half of my bucket list. I couldn't wait any longer. I made the commitment to myself that my time of rest was over.

From that moment on, I would be a cartoonist.

Within a year I had two comics books written, drawn, and published on my own, with various contributions to other projects to boot! Now, I have a whole portfolio of works behind me and am attending shows regularly! I'm making the dream happen!

I could not have done this without the support of all of you! I so appreciate my friends and family and especially those fans who don't know me and decide to support my work anyway, whether it be buying my books or helping promote them on social media. Every single ounce of that support means the world to a struggling artist in this world.

But there is still more to do . . .

I would like to take this support to a new level for multiple reasons: first, I have been encouraged by my fans themselves to do this (which is quite touching); second, to be perfectly honest . . . with a family to support, including kids in college, I need to be able to find a way to financially support my artist career if I want to keep it going. I have a full time job, but as many of you are aware the stresses of supporting a family can often prevent one from being able to support more passionate endeavors. The publishing industry isn't what it was when I was young . . . even if you are published by an "official" publisher (as my nonfiction books are) you are on your own in terms of promotion, publicity, and any sort of social media presence.

I want to keep writing books, drawing comic books, and creating new and amazing content that the world can enjoy. I can only do this through your support and participation through Patreon!

Let's do this together!

I have tried to make my Patreon as accessible as possible for everyone, at the same time offering tiers of engagement that will generate a fun and active community receiving extra benefits beyond just following me on social media.

Here are the tiers, expressed of course through the Psychonaut lens:

  • Psychonaut - $3/month: Flex your muscles as a mind-expanding Psychonaut, explorer of consciousness through the arts and esoterics! Benefits include:

    • Access to all my posts and videos, some exclusive to Patreon only,

    • Process notes on my latest books and comics, and

    • Supporting my work so I can fulfill my creative projects!

  • Psychonaut Adept - $9/month: Not just an explorer of consciousness, Psychonaut Adepts dare to lift the Veil of the Unknown and seek to pierce the illusion of reality! Benefits include everything in the Psychonaut tier, plus:

    • Recognized credits as a supporter in my videos, books, and comics!

  • Psychonaut Mage - $12/month: Cross the Abyss, the Great Divide between ego and super ego! Psychonaut Mages leap to the next level of interaction with the Supernal Realms! Mages get fuller access to greater community of Psychonaut creativity and expertise! Benefits include everything in the Psychonaut Adept tier, plus:

    • VIP Access to once a month community Psychonaut Session Event for Mages and above tiers only!

And if that's not enough, I am offering a final, limited tier for the lucky few!

Psychonaut Sage - $120/month: Mind blown! You're barely human! Unlock your supernatural potential by leaping headlong into the cosmic soup of the Logos! You get everything plus one-on-one counsel to develop your own Psychonautic prowess, whether it be in the arts or esoterics! Benefits include everything in the Psychonaut Magus tier, plus:

  • Per month, a one-on-one personal consultation with me to receive counsel or instruction in whatever you like: art skills, writing skills, my book content, tarot, psychedelia, or the mystical arts! Again, this tier is limited to only 6 patrons per month!

Come join the fun and be a part of the numerous creations I have in store! By joining my Patreon you will get exclusive, behind-the-scenes looks at my upcoming projects! I can't to jump onto the cosmic bandwagon with you!



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