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New Instagram!

Hey Everyone,

Unfortunately my Instagram account was hacked and there is no way to get it back. My old Instagram account @danielmolerweb is no longer me, but a series of vicious bots selling Bitcoin scams. My new Instagram account, the authentic one that is me, is @therealdanielmoler.

If you wish, can you please unfollow the old site and follow the new one. You can even report on the old site, in the hopes Instagram will make some movement to take it down.

I especially want to thank my buddies Aaron Conaway, Matthew Ahmah Kent, and R Ryan Wenneker for their support during this huge inconvenience to my electronic life! Seriously, you guys are the BEST of the BEST!

Thank you to everyone! Appreciate your support!!! The REAL Daniel Moler! #therealdanielmoler #psychonautcomics #keepitpsycho



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