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NEW RELEASE: Vision Tales #0!

I am happy to announce that my collaborative effort with the sensational author Aaron Conaway, Vision Tales #0, is available for purchase!

Vision Tales is the conjoined effort between Aaron's writing and my artwork. It is an anthology book of stories based upon our New Vision Comics Collective. New Vision Comics is, essentially, the superhero universe Aaron and I came up with as kids (with the help of our childhood buddy Thrash). Though we have published other New Vision works previously, this book here starts it all! It is the foundational spirit of the many fun stories to come in this shared universe!

Truly, this is a childhood dream come true for both Aaron and I! We had premiered this book before at Planet Comicon a couple of years ago, but it was a convention-exclusive edition. If you were never able to come see us and pick one up, now's your chance! New cover! New year! We're ready to deliver something fresh and fun for your reading pleasure!


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