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Psychonaut Presents #4 is HERE!!!!

After months in process the next issue of my comic series PSYCHONAUT PRESENTS has arrived!

This project has been such a mind-blowing experience! Psychonaut Presents #4 is now for sale on IndyPlanet and completes a project two years in the making! In this issue you will find:

  • The final chapter of Dark Medicine!

  • The final chapter of the Simon Myth prelude (coming soon in his own series)!

  • A dream starring Rick Veitch and my wife!

  • Gallery artworks from respected curanderos don Oscar Miro-Quesada and don Daniel Baxley (the stars of the most popular Psychonaut Presents stories)!

My lovely wife Autumn immersed in this amazing issue!

What's next for my project schedule after this, you may ask? Buy the issue to find out! The asnwers are found within!


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