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Updates: Patreon, New Vision, and More!

Hola Psychonaut Peeps,

I hope everyone out there is well and keeping it psycho! Read on for some updates on my current projects and what-nots . . .

Psychonaut Patreon

I have begun posting regularly on my Patreon again! It has been a while, so many apologies to my ongoing Psychonaut Patrons (and thank you for your Patronage)! I have been making Psychonaut Sessions videos again on Youtube, and Patrons always get early screenings at least 24 hours in advance, but also receive thanks and kudos in each video!

Another benefit of being a Psychonaut Patron is that you get exclusive content, specifically the creation of my latest issue of PSYCHONAUT PRESENTS! Right now, I am working on issue 5, so Patrons will not only be the only ones in the world to watch my process, but also get first looks at each panel and page when it is finished! I will not be posting my progress of PSYCHONAUT PRESENTS anywhere else on social media! Until it gets in print, PSYCHONAUT PRESENTS is exclusive to Psychonaut Patrons only! Here is a quick preview of some of the content you'll get to see (colors only of issue 5 cover):

New Vision Addition

If you are a truly believer, then you know about New Vision Comics. New Vision is the collaborative superhero universe between creative partner Aaron Conaway and I. Building out this universe, some of it will manifest as comics, sometimes prose fiction, and more! Sometimes the works are full collaborations, sometimes it is just Aaron and I doing our own thing.

Well, the latest New Vision installment has arrived! Aaron's second volume of the Harrowed Earth series (which takes place in the far-flung dystopian future of our shared world) is out and available to purchase! CICERO WANTS YOU tells the story of a Bard in the barony of Renaissance, trying to maintain order within a populace wrapped up in the machinations of a crime lord and zealous raiders. This book is a thrill ride you won't want to miss! I couldn't put it down!

CICERO WANTS YOU will wet your appetite while you wait for future New Vision projects, including the full release of VISION TALES #0 and VISION TALES #1, our anthology series, featuring a host of New Vision characters as well as colors from Jeremy Bohannon on issue 1! Stay tuned for news on those books in the very near future!

Future Works

Rest assured, friends, I am creatively driving away! I have numerous new projects I am working on, including the previously mentioned PSYCHONAUT PRESENTS #5 and VISION TALES! If that wasn't enough, I am nearing completion of THE SIMON MYTH CHORNICLES: BROKEN CHALICE #3!!! Apologies to those Simon Myth fans who have been waiting patiently. This is a series very near and dear to my heart, so I have not wanted to rush it. I hope to have the book completed before October and available to purchase soon after! This issue has some exciting action and will feature pin ups by the incredible Sam Tsohonis and legendary outlaw comics artist Ken Landgraf! Here is a preview of the cover:

Also (because I obviously never feel busy enough) I am working on a couple of new books: an anthology of fiction and nonfiction works, as well as a new novel that will take place in the New Vision universe. Plenty of work to keep me occupied for sure!

Don't forget to check out my Shop to discover all my other great books: THE SHAMANIC SOUL, SHAMANIC QABALAH, RED MASS, and tons of merch and prints!

Stay tuned by signing up to this newsletter and you'll get all the latest and greatest news coming out of my brain! I very much support all of my fans out there and, as always always ALWAYS . . .



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