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Weapon Echh: The Greatest Wolverine Bootleg in Comics History!

From the words of Will Hoffknecht, publisher extraordinaire of 100% Comics:

"After months of work by over 50 amazing creators we are ready to open pre-orders for physical copies of WEAPON ECHH! - A tribute to the work of Barry Windsor-Smith!

100% Comics is proud to bring this collection to the world. This physical collection comes in at 136 pages, black and white interior art, full color exteriors, softcover, and covers the entire story, front to back. This book will feature art by Alex Robinson, Ben Granoff, Ben Perkins, Chris Anderson, Christian Meesey, Craig CK, Daniel Moler, Eli Schwab, Fusciart, Geoffrey Krawczyk, Ian M, James Windsor-Smith, Jason Lapidus, Jeaux Janovsky, Jeff Manley, Jerome Cabanatan, Jesko Morgue, Kenny Wong, Rick Lopez, Ro Higashi, Ryan Tavarez, Sam J. Royale, Shlepzig, Tony Fero...and MANY MORE!

All proceeds are going to printing/shipping costs with any remaining profits going to support the Make More Comics Arts Grant for 2022 which works to fund new and creative comics projects.

If you live internationally I have included shipping options for Canada and Australia, but if that is cost prohibitive know that the digital copy will become available once the physical copies are out into the world for $5 and you are encouraged to print them out and make your own bootleg copies! If you live in another country that is not listed as a shipping option please PM me ( and I will work out the costs and add that option for you.

If you are a creator involved in the project please PM me ( and I will give you a discount code so you can order copies for your collection, for sale on your website or cons, whatever. I want to make sure all of you who contributed get to order copies at cost and can hopefully make some sales for yourself off the book.

If you are an LCS or a comic dealer and want to order copies in bulk for your store - please PM me ( I have also setup a discount code for you as well if you order 5 or more copies. It will let you order these books for our lowest possible price to sell on your shelves or website!

Reach out to me for any question here or via email at"

Visit to order NOW!

Now here is a little taste of one of's contributions:

Visit to order NOW!


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