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New Comic Coming Out!

2019 was an interesting year for me. After years of writing nonfiction and going through the publishing adventures of conventions and interviews for my book Shamanic Qabalah, I have decided to make a return to my first love: comics.

I spent the months of July through November (outside of a full-time job and ultra-mega-full-time fatherhood) creating a memoir-ish comic of one of my psychonautic adventures. The series: Psychonaut Presents. The volume: "MotherVine."

But, what is this magnificent piece of craziness below?

I am now lucky to be featured in the upcoming comix megazine, Wizerd. Here is a video of the great Eli Schwab, editor of Wizerd, opening up the pre-orders of the mag:

I have to say, it is reeeaaaaallllllyyy fucking cool to be listed out along with such great creators! That's a trip! Bucket list line item marked complete!

"MotherVine" will be broken out into multiple installments throughout the upcoming issues of Wizerd. You can get Part 1 by submitting your pre-orders now:

A humble bow goes out to Eli Schwab for accepting my submission and for the support! Really appreciate the props and call-out! In the meantime, y'all, here is a small preview of "MotherVine" to tide you over:

Don't forget to pre-order your copy today . . . also to #readmorecomics and #makemorecomics!!!!!


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