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Planet Comicon RECAP

Hey everyone! I needed a few days to recuperate from Planet Comicon this past weekend (April 22-24) before I could post anything about it. As I had mentioned before, my lifelong friend and creative partner Aaron Conaway and I ran a table under our shared comics name: the New Vision Comics Collective!

Despite missing the first day due to a sudden stomach virus, I had a blast overall. I sold many copies of Psychonaut Presents, Volume 1 TPB, The Simon Myth Chronicles: Broken Chalice #1, Oracle #1, Red Mass, but our biggest seller was our debut New Vision collaboration: the Con-exclusive Vision Tales #0! It was so fun to introduce the world to these characters and ideas that we have been working on since we were wee lads! It was especially fun to have a fan return on Sunday after reading Vision Tales Saturday night after their purchase, and wanting MORE! Such a great feeling!!!

It was such an uplifting experience seeing friends and fans, especially when they were earing my merch!

I also got to draw some commissions, including a contribution to some fella's series of Beetlejuice drawings in his Handbook for the Recently Deceased:

Another highlight were the series of creators I got to connect with and all of the great advice and encouragement I received throughout the weekend on my work, including:

Josh Roberts, Cullen Bunn Presents: A Passage in Black

Stephanie Young, Star Beasts, Kitchen of my Heart

Rob Davis, Pulp

Jay Red, Abducted

Kyle Kaminski, The Resistants

Scott Drummond, Nightsmoke

Baldemar Rivas, Unearth, Robins

I also got to stop by my favorite booth, Back in Time Comics & Toys, and picked up a few comics from one of my favorite genres: the 60s-70s underground comix scene!

You can expect to see some reviews of these on Psychonaut Sessions in the near future! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel so you don't miss out!

There are few other stories I could tell, but you're going to have to tune in to my appearance on the Pop Culture Bombcast with Jeremy Bohannon to hear the full recap. In the meantime, here are a few pics of some of the sights from the weekend:


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