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Hey Everyone! It's been so busy over here in the Psychonaut Compound, but I wanted to drop you a line about all the podcast shows I've been on recently talking about my comics and my new book coming out from Llewellyn, The Shamanic Soul. In fact, I'm really excited because these are some of my favorite shows I listen to myself! More bucket list items checked off my list!

Have a listen/watch . . . don't forget to like, comment, and share! It helps get the word out!

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

The Higherside Chats

Around Grandfather Fire

Support my Work!

Don't forget to pick up copies of my latest works, especially:

The Shamanic Soul

Coming out June 8th! The Shamanic Soul is a beginner-friendly book that is a one-stop training course in the shamanic arts.

Featuring stories from my own journey becoming initiated in curanderismo, this book shows you how shamanism can completely change your life. Inside, you'll explore many aspects of its practice, including the seen and unseen realms, spiritual tools such as mesas and campos, and the three pachas (worlds) of the shamanic cosmos. This book also introduces you to vision quests, limpias, and rituals. You can pre-order now at any book distributor, but I recommend ordering directly from my publisher Llewellyn Worldwide!

Thanks a ton for everyone out there who has supported me in all my zany endeavors! Stay tuned for more content on my Psychonaut Sessions channel and for future releases of amazing books, comics, and more! KEEP IT PSYCHO!!!!!


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